Monday, 19 August 2013

Day One, Wilma's Birthday in Jerusalem!

This is a photo of the birthday girl in her Bed and Breakfast room, early in the morning having received her rose, her card and the gift from Frankfort. This is a book of an artist who is now her favorite artist because he's made pieces of art very much like hers. Simple design pieces mostly white or shades of white with texture of some kind or another. He's a minimalist. His name is Manzoni, and according to her "amazing!"

We walked to the Old City, Wilma's goal was to get to the haling wall. We discovered that the streets clearly outlined on the map, are not easy to identify in reality. No matter where we went, every street is a market the product as high as the 
walls and the occasional ceiling. But it was fun

Here's another thing, there are two wedges coming up to the level of each step, about 8 inches wide. These things, besides the uneven stairs happening are "angle biter's"! There is so much to look at it's hard to not roll an ancle on the uneven ground below your feet! 

As we went along we began thinking of here we would eat as it was about time for lunch, when we saw a sign that stopped us in our tracks! See this next photo and guess why? It's the name of  Candace's   favorite song. Well, we just had to go inside. As it turned out we had a great lunch of falafel, pita bread. salad and lemonade. Just what we needed. and then, we were off to to whaling wall.

Here we are at the wall. Wilma was asked to cover her shoulders, which she did with this scarf which she had along. Then we continued towards the wall.Then a gentleman reminded Wilma she had to go to the woman's side, she frowned but away she went. I told the gentleman that my wife was not happy. I think he had sympathy for me and spoke to me about the wall. He explained about how we could write our prayers on paper and place them between the rocks. He showed me where the paper was and how to do it, standing back as I prayed and pushed the paper into the wall. Than he placed a red string around my wrist, tying it saying that I would have more grandchildren. Then he had me place my hand on his scripture text he carried and prayed a prayer in Hebrew over me. When it was all over, I asked if I could photograph him, to which he agreed. I then went off to fine Wilma.

 Now, you need to know I'm having quite a time with setting things up on this blog, with the structure of the writing going from right to left. Anything I do, or especially if I have to make corrections in existing text, well, it is a nightmare and often it's just easier to re-write . Anyways, it's part of the experience right, and we will just go with it. If anyone has an idea on how to right this backward ship, 
let me know.


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