Sunday, 4 August 2013

He's Got Good Evil Bones

The transformation begins, by bulking up his legs.

Transformations, transitions and change are part of life. The man who will sit on the throne of swords is in transition. From wolf to werewolf is what is happening. Why werewolf you ask? Because, like I wrote a while back, wolf is too mild. I want "evil" personified, so werewolf it must be.

As you can see in the photo above, I've dismantled the wolf and am beginning again. He has good bones though, and so I can build on what is, to make him the evil werewolf he must become.

The other thing is, I only have eleven days to finish him. In eleven day's I will be taken up with another adventure that will last about 17 days, so he has to be done before that begins. The reason is that in 17 day's he will be too dry to work on. The pressure is on.

About werewolves. There is a lot of speculation about them, like were did they come from, or that you can only kill them with a silver bullet, etc. But one thing is sure, they are evil. When in human form they may be a good person, but when they turn into the werewolf form they are bad.There is no such thing as a good werewolf. At that point they are no longer in control, no longer human and instincts guide them to attack anything and everything living. Apparently when in human form, they do not recall anything that happened or what they did while in werewolf form. Nice eh?

A lot of information comes from stories and movies that have come out over the years. So the facts are not always clear and have changed over time. Some say they have a soul, some say they do not. Bottom line, Hollywood needed something that personified evil and so created this as a monster, which became the evil, scary violent uncontrollable werewolf of today. That's who I want sitting on my throne of swords! A very evil "thing."

So, please excuse me, but I have to get to work bulking him up and finish him in eleven days. (That's besides all the other things I have to do also, before that time!)

"He devises wickedness on his bed; he sets himself in a way that is not good; he dose not abhor evil." 
Psalms 36:4

English Gardens, Wpg. MB
July 2013
Photo: Cliff Derksen

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