Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Israel Museum: Day 2

A model of Jerusalem and the temple during the time of Christ.

Today we went to "The Israel Museum of Jerusalem". We walked all the way, about half an hour just before the sun got hot. Already, when we got there we were pretty warmed up so began with a glass of lemonade in the air conditioned museum. On our way we went under a bridge and saw this "Justice" sign, We thought .how appropriate in a country with such justice issues everywhere
This week we happened to hit a
 week where they had advertised kids free. Also a program where the kid make and then then the fly their kites. There were a lot, I mean, a lot, of families and kids at the art gallery.

 Ever since we've connected with Israel, we have been aware of the
 number of children and families everywhere. Even on the plane to 'Tel aviv there were a lot of children. I get the feeling they are not waiting for their fellow Jews to come from around the world, they are doing something about filling their country themselves...by having kids.

It was an awesome day at the Museum. We saw a beautiful and amazing display of Herod the Great, who he was, his building exploits and character Even a bust of his friend Aggripa who interviewed Paul in the book of Acts. Brought things very close to home spiritually. 

There were displays replicating the decor of his palace, walls designs, colors, with amazing detail. Archaeology has come a long way.

The other thing I loved was the model of Jerusalem and the temple from the time of Christ. As archaeological digs show up any new evidence of how things were at that time, they make the adjustments necessary. It was very impressive. You can see that Jerusalem was at that time a "one God" city. No other religions represented only the temple of the living God. It was a very moving experience walking around and snapping photos exactly during sunset. The sun going down in the west and the moon appearing in the east. Awesome.

There was a lot to see, but the other thing I loved was the outdoor sculpture garden. Even though light was fading, I got some great shots. 

Another very moving experience was seeing the "Shrine of the Book". The photo to your right is the roof of this display. This is the home of the renowned Dead Sea Scrolls. What is significant from a providence of God perspective is that these scrolls were found just shortly before Israel became a nation in 1984. Is it not significant that they lost a lot of their important manuscripts when Rome defeated Jerusalem in 70AD, burning the temple and all the scrolls that were in it. Then in 1948 there is this discovery of the scrolls which many here in Israel take as a sign of God showing his approval of them once again being a nation.

During the heat of the day we'd stayed inside the museum and wondered outside only late in the afternoon. Then it was beautiful and we were re-energized for the evening. When we got home we had supper at a street side cafe, eating outside in the warm summer 
 air. It was very interesting as Israel walked past us all evening.

Until tomorrow...

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