Sunday, 18 August 2013

Jet Lagged in Israel

 This blog spot it seems has been compromised  Hebrew has invaded this site and will not, it seems, despite my commands for it to translate all into English work from left to right! This is quite a . riot.  Not sure how this will work. 

Above is a map given to us at our bed and breakfast, our bed and breakfast is where you see my finger called "Little House in the Colony. To the South you see the "City of David" and the "Old City" at the top of the map. It is in this area we will be spending most of our time.

Today is Wilma's birthday. It was her birthday wish to step onto into the "Old City" on her birthday. She will get her wish today. I have come to understand she would like a "manora" as a gift.. That is what we will be looking for today. Wish me well.

It's 2:45 or so in Israel as I write this. I am jet-lagged and wide awake. 

It is very weird writing to the right with the curser staying on the left of the line I'm writing. Hope you can all read this on your computers! Later...

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